Zia Voice, Zoho’s Conversational AI

In Zoho’s latest update, they deployed Zia, the virtual assistant. Now, with the latest set of new features, Zia will be able to interact through voice and chat. The conversational AI for Zoho CRM is now able to add, change, or view any data in the CRM.

The goal for Zoho’s Zia is the ability to provide simple information like call counts, as well as in-depth company information and complex calculations. It has not been rolled out yet, but once it is, you will be able to access Ask Zia using the ‘Ask Zia’ button on the bottom of the CRM window, or by calling her on a cell phone.

What does this mean for you?

Though we have not been able to test the software yet, it does appear to be promising if Zia Voice can do all they claim. The real test will be how well it recognizes speech, and if it is able to understand a broad range of terms, or if you have to use specific phrases and words.

The largest benefit, as it says on the feature page, is that you will have a ‘Sales Assistant’ wherever you take your phone, such as sales calls where there is very little time between meetings to take notes. Scheduling meetings on the go will be a benefit of the feature as well, as long as Zia is reliable and performs as expected.

Zoho is looking to ease pain points in Zia Voice by allowing Zia to perform custom actions based on terminology that your company uses. You will also be able to customize the flow of questions when giving commands, so you can ensure you gather all necessary information right away.

Catalyst Group has not been able to test Zia Voice, but if the features are reliable and easy to use, then it will definitely be a helpful tool for day-to-day tasks. Zia Voice will be included in your Zoho CRM App for iOS and Android at no extra cost. We recommend checking it out.

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