Monitoring Workflow Email Rates in Zoho

Zoho CRM allows for Workflow creation, in which automated actions are taken based off of conditions of a record. These can include an email, task, or alert. For sending out automated emails, there has never been a way to track if the emails are getting opened… Until now. In Zoho’s newest release of features, they have introduced workflow usage, which allows users to monitor the open rates of automated emails.

In order to access workflow usage from the CRM, go to Set up > Automation > Workflow Rules and click on the Usage tab. For a detailed view of the workflow rules within the CRM, visit Zoho’s Configuring Workflow Rules User Guide.

What does this mean for you?

The ability to now view workflow email usage will help to decide on the most effective email content and offer the ability to test new emails. This is a step in the right direction for Zoho CRM. It shows that they are looking towards more viewable data in the CRM. Hopefully, future updates will include more granular data tracking, and the ability to even further assess email content.

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