Widgets in Zoho CRM

With the release of their newest feature, Widgets, Zoho is aiming to support external applications within the Zoho CRM. The widgets allow building of embeddable UI components, along with integration, within the CRM. Zoho currently supports four different types of widgets:

Telephony Widget

This widget provides support for any call center or telephony application in Zoho CRM. Once the widget is installed, a telephone icon appears on the bottom, right hand side of the CRM.


Webtab widgets are used to embed information from a third-party app into Zoho CRM. They are displayed like other modules, and are useful in the fact that you can create UI elements that are not available with Zoho’s prebuilt and custom modules.

Related Lists

This widget can be seen under the “Related List” section within a record. Filesharing software, such as Google Drive, can be displayed here in order to see all of the documents related to this record.

Custom Buttons

Custom buttons also appear within the record details page of the CRM, at the top right of the screen. These can be configured to perform actions like sending an SMS, for example.

Note: If you are looking for a seamless telephony and SMS solution within Zoho CRM, check out the Catalyst Connect SMS app.

These widgets are being rolled out within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out. If you would like more information, feel free to check out Catalyst Group and schedule a consultation with us.