Maintain Your Data Better with Zoho Validation Rules

Keeping up with the new automation features, Zoho announces the release of Validation Rules within CRM. The Validation Rules will allow control over the data kept in your CRM fields. For example; say your company offers different discount rates, but you do not want to allow a discount of 20% or over. You can configure your validation rules to throw up an error if the Discount field contains a value of 20 or more. The error message is also completely customizable. If, however, you offer different discount options in different markets, you can further customize validation rules by applying the rule to different regions.

There are a few notes about Zoho CRM Validation Rules that are important to keep in mind:

To get the whole list of notes and quirks, visit Zoho’s How-To Guide.

What Does This Mean for You?

The new validation rules are being rolled out slowly, but once they have been debugged and are working properly, they will be a big step in keeping accurate information within the CRM. For example, this will allow your system to only allow phone numbers that are 10 digits, Social Security Numbers that are 9 digits, etc. It will also be helpful with age validation to ensure users are a certain age. It may take a little getting used to when you make and use your first rules, but it will work towards having a more complete and accurate Zoho CRM.

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