Zoho Introduces New Way to Schedule Emails

Zoho CRM now offers the availability to schedule sending emails. There will now be a box with the image of a clock right next to the “Send” button where you can schedule a specific date and time. Also, if there is a suggestion on the best time to send to that specific person, there will be an option to schedule at that time.

What does this mean for you?

Zoho is trying to offer the most functionality out of CRM, including scheduling emails in advance and predicting best times to send to your contacts. While this not be a huge advance in functionality, it is a nice feature to have when dealing with clients in a different time zone, or if you would like to send the email as a future reminder. These emails can also be scheduled, then edited, or canceled before they get sent, offering a good way to start and finish the email at two different times.

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