Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho Desk is Zoho’s Help Desk application that utilizes the use of tickets and KnowledgeBase in order to best serve customers. Zoho has now introduced an enhancement to the Zoho Desk to Zoho CRM integration. This includes added metrics, and SalesSignals, which allows for notification customization.

With the new update, they have made it easier to access Desk, as you can do it straight from the CRM. Once the apps are integrated, there will be a Desk tab you can select within Zoho CRM.

Within this module, each Desk ticket will be an individual record. You can select a ticket to view the email string, send a new email, and close the ticket. Zoho has also released the feature to link Tickets to Deals, and have them show up on the related list. This is as simple as selecting the records you would like to link, clicking the checkbox, and clicking Link to Deals, then choosing the deal.

With the update, you can also view customer service statistics, such as the total number of tickets, overdue tickets, average response time, and customer ratings within Zoho CRM. In order to view these statistics, go to a module within Zoho CRM and scroll down to the Zoho Desk section, then click Show Statistics. Now you can see relevant information right from your CRM!

Finally, SalesSignals allows you to view Desk notifications such as new tickets and new responses. In order to enable SalesSignals notifications, within your CRM you must go to Settings > Setup > Channels > SalesSignals. Then scroll down to Desk and select your preferred options from the list:

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