Using Zoho’s Email Parser for Automated Data Entry

In their latest update, Zoho came out with an Email Parser in order to automate adding a record’s information into Zoho CRM. The email parser has the ability to add a new record to any module within your CRM. There are steps on how to set up the parser on Zoho’s Website, here we will go over the benefits and some notes on the feature.

The parser helps automate the addition of new leads, accounts, and potentials through information located in emails. The parser uses two specific templates to parse data, the Key-Value pair, and the Paragraph format. The following excerpt from Zoho examines the differences:

  • Key-value pair – A single detail like first name or email is the key and a reference to this key is called the value. In this type of template the key and the value are separated by a delimiter.

“For example:

First name: Nicholas

Last name: Woods

Country: Canada


Here, the key is First name, Country and the value is Nicholas, Canada.

  • Paragraph format – A paragraph format does not contain any delimiter* or separator between the key and value format. Each sentence or paragraph that you enter is a data field that should be mapped with the corresponding CRM field.

For example: An apartment with 1,200 sqft area; this is a sentence without a delimiter. During parsing, this sentence will be treated as the data to be mapped to the corresponding CRM field such as, Property Area.

*Delimiter – A delimiter is a character used to specify the beginning or the end of your data. A delimiter can be a colon, hyphen, or similar.”

In order to use the email parser, you must name it and associate a module. You can create up to 20 parsers, but only have 10 enabled at a time. The main point of using the parser is to have emails sent to the parser address with the information in the correct template. Once all the settings are configured correctly, the email parser works by reviewing emails sent to a specific address, and populating fields based on the template.

As always, if you would like to know more about how to use this feature to improve your system, or are looking for a certified Zoho Premium Partner as a business consultant, visit our site or schedule a consultation.