Zoho CRM Developer Edition

Testing new customization within your CRM is always scary when using live company data. Zoho’s new CRM Developer Edition allows an added CRM account, which functions with test data, and has no effect on live data. Zoho touts this feature as a great way to get new hires up to speed on the CRM and how it functions, without the risk of altering any live data. While this is a great use case, we find it even more helpful in testing new functionality for our own, and our clients’ CRMs. When implementing new functionality, you want to be sure there will not be any issues. The Developer Edition allows for extensive testing, and peace of mind.

What does this mean for you?

From now on, whenever you want to implement new functionality within your CRM, you can use the Developer Edition extra account in order to make sure your workflow rules, custom functions, etc. are all executing properly before implementing in your live system. It can also be helpful as a training tool, when onboarding new employees to acclimate them to the Zoho CRM environment.

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