Many of our customers have found that Shopify is one of the best e-commerce software platform on the market today, but they are still looking for a good CRM that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Time and again, we’ve confidently recommended Zoho CRM, whose Shopify integration is an impressive e-commerce crm software combination that maximizes online sales.

The Zoho Shopify CRM integration gives your business the ability to build comprehensive customer profiles for targeted marketing messages. Unlike some of the other Shopify CRM apps, the Shopify and Zoho CRM integration provides insightful data on your leads, customers, and prospective leads, allowing you to segment your marketing messages for more personalized and effective communication.

A Zoho and Shopify CRM integration offers online retailers an efficient way to handle the various information that needs to cross between a company’s e-commerce platform and their CRM. Zoho CRM will equip you with the digital tools to easily and efficiently manage your company’s communication with customers.

If you’ve explored the vast Zoho ecosystem, you’ll know that Zoho Campaigns can be used to optimize and maintain long-term customer engagement. What you might not know is that Zoho Campaigns also one of the best CRM for email marketing solutions for Shopify, because it provides businesses with a way to engage, nurture and convert their leads. It also offers marketing tools like lead forms and sales funnels, with reporting that will give you the data you need to make the right decision for your company and your customers.

By enabling cross-selling, improving relationships, increasing process efficiency, and generating robust analytical data, Zoho CRM is designed to boost your sales numbers. With this sleek integration, you’ll spend less time and money and increase the level of service your customers receive.

Our multi-industry experience has shown us that Shopify integrations with other CRMs are a waste of your time and money. Save your hard earned resources and don’t settle for anything less than Zoho, the ultimate e-commerce CRM software. Integrate your Shopify account with Zoho and get it right the first time, with the help of our zoho crm developers.