There’s no denying that the treasure trove of business-related apps has improved our lives in many ways, automating some of the most mundane and time-consuming tasks. Yet in considering the undeniable benefits of limitless apps, we must also acknowledge how with great power comes great responsibility. Without a good technology management system, we might unintentionally build roadblocks where we wanted to create shortcuts.

When it comes to managing your professional technology, Zoho One, the CRM for business, is pretty hard to beat. From sales to accounting to project management, the list of critical business apps can grow unruly quite quickly. But not with Zoho One. When it comes to organizing your technology, Zoho One remains true to its name. Say goodbye to managing dozens of apps from different creators. You can save money and time by relying on Zoho One’s integrated suite of 40 different apps, stored all in one sleek platform.

Another important business concern is the maintenance of disparate documentation. There’s no question that the amount of pertinent information we consume each day only continues to grow. By the end of a workday, we’ve likely responded to dozens of emails, participated in any number of meetings and impromptu conversations, and flitted between multiple projects. It’s only natural, then, that some key information might fall through the cracks.

Zoho One, a master at centralized documentation, will ensure that you can keep your critical information in order. Zoho One’s platform allows you to associate your clients and accounts with relevant contact information, deals, work orders, invoices, notes, emails, and more. Zoho One will keep track of all your business process details so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

Zoho One has truly been designed to anticipate your needs before you do. In fact, it can take you through every step of your business processes. Need to automatically send follow-up emails to potential leads? Easy. Want to quickly close your deals without having to send tons of scanned documents back and forth? Done. Have to track billable time in order to send accurate invoices to the client? Not a problem. Eager to customize a Zoho One function to enable a very specific process? You guessed it—Zoho One also has an app for that. With Zoho One, you can be certain that your technology is working for you.