Zoho Settings: Changing Primary Email

When using Zoho, it is important to keep all personal and company information up to date. The backend of Zoho can be confusing and make changes seem quite difficult. With this video and article, Catalyst Connect will help you change your primary email and learn more about the backend of your CRM.

To access the backend of Zoho One, you must go to accounts.zoho.com. This will bring you to the Accounts Menu, where you can update your preferences, security, settings, and auth tokens. It is important to get familiar with this menu, and all of the customization you can perform within your system. Zoho can be a complicated system, but understanding how the backend works is vital in running the applications proficiently.

For this specific tutorial, we will focus on one aspect: changing emails. In order to change your primary email, you must click on “My Profile Info”. Within this menu, you can customize your personal information. For our tutorial, you will click on the Email Address menu. Next, you will use the Add Email button to add the new email. It will be added as a secondary email, and if you hover over it, you will get the option to Change to Primary. Choose this option and that is it! You now have a new primary email address for your Zoho One account. Be sure to check out the video tutorial on this as well!

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