In this first of the Catalyst Connect video training series for Zoho CRM “Users and Company Details”, CEO and Catalyst Connect company founder John-Mark Bantock helps us understand how to set up Zoho CRM user permissions and why it’s so important in establishing best practices from your organization’s data security and to insure CRM implementation success.

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Training Video Agenda: 

  • Understanding Zoho CRM user profiles:  Which CRM role needs access to what and why? (Watch this segment)
  • Explaining different profiles & permissions: (Watch this segment)
  • Importing and exporting records to/from your CRM: what to watch out for when considering data importing/exporting permissions and automating data importing/exporting (Watch this segment)
  • Email permissions: Best practices to avoid mass communication security issues (Watch this segment)
  • Tool permissions: the bread and butter of setting up roles & permissions and the best way to limit your data security liability (Watch this segment)
  • Other permissions: Printing, tagging & mail merge (Watch this segment)
  • Admin level permissions: Standard Admin level permissions description (Watch this segment)
  • Email & Chat permissions: Allowing your CRM users to connect your organization’s email platform to the CRM (Watch this segment)
  • Automation: Who should be able to set up CRM automation and assignment rules (Watch this segment)
  • Webforms: A great way to gather customer data but who should be beagle to create and access your webform data? (Watch this segment)
  • Data Administration: Which department should have Data Admin access and why (Watch this segment)
  • Integrating with other Zoho & 3rd party apps: Zoho CRM makes it easy to integrate its  CRM with other Zoho and third party apps but should you allow your users access to do it? (Watch this segment)
  • Catalyst Connect best practices in setting up CRM user permissions (Watch this segment)