CRM stands for “customer relationship software.” It’s a contact database that does so much more. A Zoho CRM developer is an expert at creating solutions that allow businesses to fully realize the benefits of a CRM platform. 

A CRM gathers information from across channels and streamlines interactions. Each contact’s information is in a profile. The profile provides basic information about each customer and includes information like purchase records and cross-channel communication records. 

Zoho CRM is an industry-leading platform that is both scalable and highly customizable. 

CRM Increases Sales and Efficiency of Selling Process

CRM is also a sales tool. With all customer touchpoints records in one database, it allows for target marketing and a personalized customer experience. 

For example, a contact purchases a product and the CRM automates the follow-up process of sending a thank-you note. The customer is impressed and leaves a positive post on the company’s Facebook page. 

Then, the CRM pulls that interaction into a sales pipeline for a follow-up call. An inside salesperson contacts the customer and thanks them for the Facebook post. The salesperson uses the opportunity to build a relationship. The potential future benefit is additional sales revenue from the customer.

Before CRM, if this sales flow process existed at all, it was a time-consuming and clunky process. 

Additionally, CRM puts everyone on the same page regarding customer relationships. In the example above, an outside sales representative is calling on the customer in person. They review the CRM database before the meeting and mention the recent interaction. 

As a result, the customer receives a powerful message of cohesion from the organization during different interactions, which can lead to a stronger relationship. 

CRM automates the sales process, resulting in additional sales with greater efficiency.

While doing this, CRM serves the dual purpose of increasing customer satisfaction and retention. 

CRM is a Marketing Tool that Cultivates New Customers and Increases Customer Retention

CRM makes the best use of a customer database as a marketing tool. One advantage of Zoho CRM is taking the existing customer information and developing marketing campaigns across platforms. In addition, it automates the process. 

For example, when a company has a product launch, they send a tweet announcing it. With socially integrated Zoho CRM, they have the option of funneling any responses to the tweet back to a lead pipeline to follow up with them. 

The initial follow-up in this situation is an email blast. And Zoho CRM even has an option of tracking the email responses. A customer action of opening the email generates a notice back to the company’s database for quick follow-up. The system also tracks bounce-back and click-through rates of email campaigns. 

A Zoho CRM developer is a resource to assist the company in creating a standardized marketing flow for functions like product launches. 

In addition to marketing campaigns, CRM increases customer retention. First, it fosters ongoing communication with the customer. The second way Zoho CRM increases customer retention is the option of monitoring social media platforms and website interactions. 

If a customer is unhappy with a product or service and shares that in a Facebook post to the company’s page, Zoho CRM can send an alert. When the assigned team member addresses the alert, the customer’s profile is right in front of them. An immediate and personalized response is a successful method of turning around an unsatisfied customer. This ultimately improves overall customer retention. 

Customer retention is also enhanced when CRM is used to generate automatic messages to a customer. Whether it be through a thank-you email or a discount offer sent on the customer’s birthday, these interactions drive customer loyalty. 

Zoho CRM developer

CRM Systems Provide Detailed Analytics Across the Platform

A Zoho CRM user has access to a highly detailed level of analytics. The Zoho CRM pulls all customer contact, interaction, sales data, and even payment history into customizable reports. Zoho CRM developers work with companies to create analytics tailored for their needs. 

The analytic options with a CRM system like Zoho’s are vast. A company can data-mine their resources for valuable information. Information that is not only customer-specific, but can also relate the overall success rate of an email marketing campaign, for example. 

It is also available for use as a performance matrix for individual team members or departments. 

A Zoho CRM Developer Helps Businesses Use CRM Tools to Improve Processes and Efficiency 

When companies migrate to a remote work model, the Zoho CRM system makes the transition transparent to the customer. Every team member is available to access customer data in real time, regardless of their location. 

A Zoho CRM developer can create customized project workflows. The results allow teams to collaborate on projects remotely without adversely affecting the outcomes. 

Greater transparency is another outcome of CRM software. A sales manager can access a direct report’s work product on a daily or weekly basis. Long-term performance metrics are available through the analytic reports mentioned. Tools like these help many companies successfully manage both on-site and remote work teams. 

Communication improves in organizations that use CRM software. A customer service team member updates a profile record, and anyone in the organization is given immediate access to the information. And with Zoho CRM, that information is carried out into the field with an optional app. 

A Zoho CRM Developer Can Customize a CRM for Your Business

CRM software is available for businesses of all sizes and types. It’s customer-focused and  adaptable. A Zoho CRM developer is an excellent resource for harnessing the power of CRM in a tailored solution for each business’s needs.  

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