Thanks to the myriad cloud-based CRM systems designed to manage relationships and automate business processes, running a business efficiently has become easier than ever. What’s not so easy, however, is choosing the best CRM for your specific use case from the ever-growing cache. Before diving headfirst into the sea of options, it’s important that you think through some key considerations so that you can choose the proper CRM for your business.

Let’s begin with the question at the top of everyone’s minds: How much will it cost me? With a per user enterprise price point at nearly a third of that for comparable products, Zoho CRM offers a lot of bang for its buck. In fact, Zoho is so convinced that it offers the best CRM platform for your business that it’ll even let up to three users test out its functionalities indefinitely for free. This is a major bonus for small to medium-sized businesses looking for mind-blowing CRM tools without mind-blowing CRM prices.

You might be inclined to think that Zoho’s competitive price point would indicate sacrifices to product quality. But you’d be mistaken. While Zoho offers a suite of 40+ integrated apps to help manage all of your business processes, the CRM is truly its flagship product. As one of the most mature CRM systems on the market, Zoho has lead management and sales tracking down to a science. With the help of Zoho CRM, you can ensure that your company is on course to meet both long and short term strategic business goals.

Finally, the fact that Zoho’s CRM technology is complex doesn’t mean that learning to use it has to be. Not only does the Zoho CRM boast a sleek user interface, but it has also been designed with a wide variety of users in mind, meaning you don’t have to be a bona fide techy in order to become an expert Zoho CRM user. Zoho also offers a wealth of free training resources, from YouTube videos to webinars. Zoho Premium Partners, such as Catalyst Connect, are also available to assist with your Zoho CRM implementation. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

There may be plenty of CRM systems on the market these days, but when it comes to affordability, ease of use, and business savvy, Zoho will take your business to new levels.