You’re pleased with how your company is humming along with the Zoho CRM system. This is great, but are you receiving the full benefits that Zoho CRM offers? Catalyst Connect is your Zoho expert and when you work with us we’ll ensure you’re maximizing the potential of Zoho CRM. We’ve put together just three of the many examples of Zoho CRM features your business should be using.

Zoho Expert Zoho CRM Benefits

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Complete Sales Pipeline Management

You’re already using some of the features of Zoho CRM for sales pipeline management, but may not be aware of its full potential.

Leads are what fuel your sales pipeline and Zoho CRM has the features necessary to manage them effectively. The workflow process built into Zoho CRM automatically distributes leads to team members. It scores the leads to prioritize them. Leads are converted into deals when follow-up tasks are completed. This process guides your team through workflow patterns that are easily tracked.

Zoho CRM provides excellent management features when leads are converted into deals. This Deal Management feature provides insight into expected revenues and the status of a deal. Through Zoho CRM your team can send and track detailed quotes relating to a deal. 

When you use all of the sales pipeline features with Zoho CRM your processes are streamlined into a single platform. Team members won’t need to log into other systems to manage accounts throughout the sales process. 

In today’s world of virtual teams, Zoho CRM provides team leaders or managers the ability to easily stay informed on the lead to sales conversion status. Zoho CRM also provides sales reports and performance analytics that can help manage remote teams. 

A Zoho expert from Catalyst Connect can review how you are using Zoho CRM for sales pipeline management and recommend additional ways you can benefit from it. 

Multi-Channel Management

Contact management is a basic feature of CRM systems. However, Zoho CRM expands contact management into a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates multiple channels of engagement. 

For example, Zoho Sales Signals captures your customers’ multi-channel engagements in real-time and channels them into Zoho CRM. This allows you to see everything from when a customer opens an email to their mention of your company on social media. Imagine the time saved in trying to monitor social media mentions of your company when Zoho Sales Signals is doing it 24/7. 

Email remains an important marketing channel. When multiple email marketing campaigns are launched Zoho CRM provides deep reports to monitor performance. You will be able to see which emails are performing the best. The reports let you see the open rate, click-through rate, and the number of bounce backs. This is just one example of the many offered through Zoho CRM for managing your email engagement channel. 

Zoho Sales IQ allows you to live chat with customers when they visit your website. Your website is a channel that is always working for you. A  website visitor you may have missed out on previously could be turned into a customer with Zoho Sales IQ.

 A Zoho expert from Catalyst Connect can help you customize your system to manage multiple channels through Zoho CRM. 

Zoho Mobile App

Zoho Expert and Zoho CRM Mobile App

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When using all the Zoho Mobile App features team members make the best use of time in the field. If a sales team member ends up having extra time between meetings, the mobile app allows them to find potential prospects close to their location. Even if it only results in dropping off information, contact is made that may result in a future sale.

After dropping off that information at the prospect’s location, the sales team member can immediately set a reminder to follow up with a phone call via the Zoho Mobile App. If the follow-up call results in a meeting, Zoho Mobile gives the sales team member access to your marketing and support channels to take with them.

The Zoho mobile App also allows for scanning in and storing of business card information for new contacts. If your business requires attendance at conferences or trade shows you can easily see the value of this tool. The Zoho Mobile App automatically syncs data, so your organization captures new contact information right away. 

Regardless of which of your teams are on the go, the Zoho Mobile App keeps everyone linked back to your CRM system. Your organization will have immediate access to any customer data gathered in the field. Your team members can stay out in front of customers rather than returning to their hotel room to manually enter data. 

How Can A Zoho Expert Help Your Business Utilize Zoho CRM Fully?

Catalyst Connect has Zoho expert Developers and Consultants that help you realize the full benefits of Zoho CRM. Our team has extensive experience with Zoho CRM and can create Zoho CRM solutions customized for your business.

A Zoho Consultant from Catalyst Connect works with you to ensure you are reaching your full business potential with Zoho CRM. Our Zoho Developers can create an easy to use interface and a Zoho CRM dashboard that is specific to your business. With these tools, your organization will advance with how Zoho CRM without making it complicated. 

Contact us for more information on how we can help you get the most out of your Zoho CRM system.