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Zoho Survey is an online survey tool that can help you build simple, clear and easy-to-use surveys to collect the information that you need. The platform is a good solution for businesses and organizations in the areas of education, marketing, customer satisfaction, HR, marketing research and others. Its pre-built templates make it easy to create your survey in a matter of minutes.

Zoho Survey has a great focus on reporting with a wide selection of interactive reports and charts. This helps you analyze and interpret survey results in order to get useful, applied and actionable insights. You can also export your survey results in standard formats (.cvs or .xls) which you can then use at your convenience.


How We Help

We integrate Zoho Survey to CRM to allow you to embed surveys in emails going out to Zoho CRM Contacts and Leads to either dynamically update a CRM record or create a new record related to the lead or contact. Zoho Surveys integrated with the CRM will dynamically populate know values to speed user data entry.

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Zoho Survey to CRM

Why the Integration?

It’s the perfect blend to get great results – the two products complete each other perfectly. Zoho CRM sends out the surveys to your customer list and Zoho Survey adds the information you receive to your customer database.

Up-to-date Sales and Support

Your sales and support teams will have a great advantage in having your customers’ latest survey responses. You can automate real-time synchronization between the two tools, to make sure everyone is up to speed with the latest information about leads and customers. This information can help your business offer the highest level of service and support, customized to your clients needs and wishes.

Deeper Insights

Combine tags with Zoho CRM and you’ll have a clear picture of what emails your contact received and how and when they responded to your survey. You can view the details either in your Zoho Survey or in your Zoho CRM accounts when the answers are submitted. You can also use tags to auto-fill fields in your survey, so your customers won’t be required to type the same information over and over again, making it more likely for them to answer.

What Others Think About It

As a first-time user of Zoho Survey, I found it straightforward to compose a rather lengthy and complex survey with a number of conditional questions.

Bill PetersBill Peters, Visual Artist

I chose Zoho Survey because it is simple, direct, user-friendly and affordable.

Peggy DeamerPeggy Deamer, Assistant Dean, Yale University

Zoho Survey is user-friendly on both ends. The graphics are clean and simple. The report features are excellent.

Chris EasterwoodChris Easterwood, Territory Recruiter, Colonial Life and Accident