Reporting and Business Analytics (KPI) 2017-09-26T12:09:31+00:00

The importance of collecting and understanding data for your business can’t be understated. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measure how well your company effectively achieves its goals, so it’s vital to adopt a high-performance software that offers a comprehensive look at your overall business rather than just individual departments. At Catalyst Group Development, we help you implement Zoho Reports, a BI and analytics solution that gives you the resources you need to create insightful reports and dashboards. Often times, it’s helpful to visually analyze your business data in order to be able to make critical, fully informed decisions for your business.

At Catalyst Group, we empower you with the right tools to achieve your business goals. With Zoho Reports, you can:

  • Easily create reports and dashboards from multiple data sources.

  • Publish to PDF, schedule emails or post on the web.

  • Upload data from spreadsheets and flat files.

  • Connect to databases.

  • Blend and merge data.

  • Connect with business applications like Zoho CRM, Books, Projects, Creator, Recruit, Google Analytics, AdWords; QuickBooks, Xero and Zendesk.

  • Click and apply pre-built analytical functions.

  • Gain access to charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components.

  • Publish and embed reports.

  • Customize access control.

  • Export or print reports.

  • Analyze big data.

Unfortunately, too many businesses only get half the equation right. They attempt to measure KPI without using it as a strategy for future goals. When used correctly, says The Houston Chronicle, KPI become an integral part of a company’s strategy going forward as they create actionable items from the data gleaned in an effort to stand above the competition. Not only can you get a real-time snapshot of the overall performance of your business, you can also add consistency and decision-making information that align with the company’s plan and vision.

Rely on Catalyst Group to implement your core Reporting and Business Analytics as you look ahead to future growth within your company. Try a free trial of Zoho Reports here and call us at 520-447-3737 for a free one-hour consultation.