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Managing your projects can be a hassle, especially when you don’t have one central resource to act as a repository for all related components. That’s where project management software comes in, and Catalyst Group Development can help. Essentially, this type of software is used for all aspects of project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change management, allowing project managers and other users to manage costs, budgeting, quality management, documentation and admin tasks.

A must for collaboration and communication, project management software is vital for such key functions as:

  • Time tracking

  • Document sharing

  • Task management

  • Calendar sharing

  • Contact sharing

  • Error management

  • Resource planning

  • Real-time management

  • Asset review

  • Flexible and scalable processes

  • Tracking and reporting

  • Cross-project visibility

  • Deadline management

  • Issue tracking

  • Smart automations

  • Customizable self-service portals

Project management software is a key component to any business platform today, especially growing ones. In order to deliver projects on time and within budget, information needs to be written down, deadlines plotted, and documents shared with team members who must be in constant communication with one another, says PC Mag. If you’re quickly outgrowing email threads and spreadsheets, you need project management software.

Catalyst Group Development can help get you organized. We have the tools and state of the art software that ensures the seamless flow of interaction and communication between team members. You’ll not only increase your efficiency, you’ll also boost your productivity and thus bottom line. Let our team of tech gurus assist you in developing, shaping and building your project management software, backed by a consultative approach that works to develop and enhance your ideas. Our  consultants and software developers keep you in the loop as functionality, design and user experience expectations are met.

Try a free trial today to get started. Contact Catalyst Group now at 520-447-3737 for your free one-hour consultation on project management software and how it can help your business.