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Catalyst Connect is an integrated text message service for Zoho CRM that leverages the existing integration with Twilio. Users will be able to text CRM leads and contacts through the CRM, Chrome Extension or Mobile App (Android) using the default voice integration between Twilio and Zoho CRM. All texts will be logged in Zoho through a custom Module so users can reference back to conversations or configure workflow rules to be triggered based on responses.

Admins can also setup Groups to text multiple users at a time and make available Text Templates for more efficient marketing campaigns. Users will also have the ability to text out of multiple DIDs so that you can match area codes to your customers'.

Advanced automation is available by configuring workflow rules and webhooks to send out notifications based on CRM actions.

How to Get Started

You can get started by installing our Zoho CRM Extension here. and the Chrome extension here. The next step is to schedule a call with our team and agree to our service agreement here so we can to help you configure your Twilio account and setup your admin interface, groups and user preferences. Standard Setup fee is $249 and monthly subscription charges are $10 per user per month for the software. Separate usage charges apply, see details below.