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Links to the best applications to use

It can certainly be nerve-wracking to launch your business into the cloud, which is why we have made it easy by creating this guide. Here you will find links to the best applications to use with free trials and discounts when you sign up through our links.

Purchasing a Domain

Before you can create a website, you will need a domain. A domain name is your website’s address and will be seen by anyone who visits your website. It should be concise and easy to remember.

Purchase your domain name


After you have created your domain name, you will need a service to host your website so you are accessible online. The website hosting services offer space on their servers that you can rent.

Purchase your website hosting

G Suite(Google Apps for business)

Google Business Suite is the perfect one-stop-shop for email hosting and collaboration. First, they set you up with a professional ad-free email with 30GB of inbox storage and 24/7 support. It’s also compatible with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. The Google Business suite also comes with Google Drive for document storage, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Presentation for collaboration.

Rest assured that Google Business Suite is the way to go. Sign up here and contact us if you want a 20% off coupon.

Customer Relationship Management:

CRM software encompasses a wide variety of applications that are designed to help businesses manage their processes and work flows. There are many different CRM softwares out there that all range in features and prices. When it comes to quality and price, we have found that Zoho is the best in the industry. They offer solutions that cover every aspect of your business.

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