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Application development platforms

With Catalyst Group Development, you have access to your very own app developer. We use several software and app development platforms that fit your specific business needs. With apps and software, you get increased accessibility to automated processes while streamlining your organization with cloud-based applications. Mobile apps in particular help with collecting data in the field. You can do anything from automate report generation to manage project tracking and coordination with multiple entities.

Application development platforms allow businesses to create their own software, without the need for any programming knowledge or skills, according to PC Mag. This is increasingly important as more and more consumers shift to mobile screens: it stands to reason that the number of platforms where businesses can build their own mobile apps has also been on the rise.  Through custom software and apps, it’s easy to integrate ecommerce, loyalty programs, information and news directly to customers.

The kind of platform you choose will depend on many factors, such as issue tracking capabilities, collaboration capabilities and project management needs. No matter which solution you choose to help you achieve business success, you’ll need some guidance from experts in the field. That’s where Catalyst Group comes in.

Following are the multiple platforms for developing apps that we offer:

  • Web Apps: Applications developed for access via a browser.

  • Mobile Apps: Native to your phone, we develop the software to make mobile apps that bring your business directly to your customers.

  • Zoho Creator: An effective development platform to create custom apps quickly and easily. Develop your own online applications with an easy-to-use application platform with drag and drop functionality. Get a free trial here.

  • TrackVia: An enterprise workflow management tool that can be easily customized. Quickly digitize and streamline your critical operational workflows and field processes thanks to low-code web and mobile applications.

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