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Do I need to have an autoresponder to a ticket?
Which vault secrets can a user access?

Go into user management and define which secrets the user can access.

Where is the account image located?

The image will be the image that is uploaded under Account.

Which Zoho One Apps are available?

CRM, Books, Project, Vault, Subscriptions, Desk.

How do I get started with the installation?

Subscribe to the package of your choice. You will receive an email with your product license and a download link for the WordPress plugin. Upload the plugin and then go to the Instructions tab within the plugin. Follow the instructions listed there to get started.

What’s the best practice setup for installation of the plugin?

To ensure there are no plugin conflicts, we recommend that you create a subdomain and install a new instance of WordPress.

Which version of PHP will the WordPress plugin work with?

It requires PHP 5.6 or newer.

What version of WordPress will the plugin work with?

Version 4.9.10 and above.

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