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As part of our comprehensive suite of email marketing services, we offer Zoho Campaigns to help you easily send bulk emails, track open rates and website visits, and schedule automatic follow-up emails based on user activity. Zoho is an online, multi-user email marketing solution that delivers top-notch CRM and social media integration for your business. Save time and hassle with the ability to create, send and track email and social campaigns. Looking to reach and engage your customers? Create a FREE account now.

Key Features

One of the biggest complaints business owners have today is keeping up with regular emails to their clients. It’s time consuming and tiresome to say the least. You should be spending your limited time growing and fostering your business rather than worrying about sending emails. That’s one of the key features of Zoho – you can easily design, send, promote and track all your email marketing campaigns in one place.

Here are some other key features of Zoho campaigns:

  • Grow mailing lists: Import contacts, add them in manually, or sync them from your Zoho CRM account.

  • Design customized templates: Choose from pre-designed templates and layouts then build them around your specific needs. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can add anything from images and fonts to background colors and other elements.

  • Schedule and send: Don’t be a slave to your laptop anymore. Instead, schedule your email campaigns in advance. Simply choose a date and time and automate your follow-up emails to free up more time for lead generation.

  • Social media shares: From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, Zoho allows you to share to social media platforms by adding buttons to your campaigns.

  • Full reports: Track the performance of your email campaigns in real-time, with a high-level view of open rates, bounces, or click-throughs. View your social report, which shows you how many tweets, likes, comments, or views you get for every email campaign.


Zoho Campaigns works in conjunction with other services so you can better manage your subscriber lists and content from the applications that boost your business. Here are just a few of the integrations you can expect through Zoho Campaigns:

Zoho Campaigns is revered for its convenient monthly and pay-as-you-go plans, as well as Google Analytics tracking, autoresponders and email workflows, says PC Mag.