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You need a robust eCommerce store

If you sell a product, you need a robust ecommerce store to handle your online orders. With 51% of Americans preferring to shop online these days, you can’t miss out on this opportunity to capture online sales that further enhance and grow your business. Small Biz Trends points out that 95% of Americans shop online at least yearly and 48% of them have spent more than they initially planned when shopping online.

Here at Catalyst Group Development, we help you handle your credit card transactions through merchant services that are responsive to you and your customer. But eCommerce encompasses so much more than that. What it all comes down to for many shoppers is trust. Can you currently offer your customers the peace of mind that comes with offering their personal and financial information for your products or services? Can you offer a seamless process that ensures their shopping and checkout experience is a positive one?

The road to developing a successful online store is made more difficult when you’re unaware of basic web development and eCommerce principles and how this portion of your company can boost your online business. We have the technical expertise and proven strategies that can harness the power of your eCommerce offering so you can implement a cost effective, customizable turnkey solution. One of the ways we can achieve that is through state of the art shopping cart software to drive targeted shoppers to your site and increase your ROI. We can also implement:

  • Merchant credit card services

  • Customized, search-friendly designs

  • Strategic design elements

  • Trust seals

  • Security features

  • Cart conversion rate optimization

  • Marketing and merchant services

  • Mobile optimization