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Catalyst Group has a broad range of experience working with clients across many industries. Whether you need a one-time project completed in a hurry or are looking for a long-term relationship, Catalyst Group is ready to help you with all your technology, software and go-to-market needs.

Software development

Software Development

Catalyst Group is your dream team of tech gurus who can help you develop, shape and build your next, mobile app, custom software or service. Our consultative approach means we will work with you to develop and enhance your ideas. You don’t need to have everything laid out in an 80-page document. We are a professional team of consultants and software developers who are not afraid to communicate to ensure that as development progresses, functionality, design and user experience expectations are being met.

Efficiency and Business Automation

It’s easy to get bogged down in technology, but running your business on Excel and a white board isn’t the way to go. Catalyst Group can help you select and implement the right suite of software and technology products to help you run your business more efficiently. Not only will you be able to scale more efficiently, but you will gain a deeper understanding of your business to make more informed decisions. To learn more, visit our website dedicated to business automation here.

Business automation


Catalyst Group’s award-winning consultants will help you refine and develop an innovative, scale-able, and efficient business model to ensure long-term growth without sacrificing profitability. Our tailored approach starts with an in-depth review and analysis of your business, followed by a carefully thought out development plan and, finally, execution of the approved strategy. Our go-to-market plans often encompass full web design, development, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.