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The AddressCleaner Extension for Zoho CRM

How Can I…

  • Install AddressCleaner
  • Obtain a Google Geolocation Matrix API Key
  • Clean the Address
  • Uninstall AddressCleaner

Usually addresses of Leads are misspelt, incomplete, and single line. AddressCleaner extension empowers the users to clean, format, and separate a Lead’s address in Zoho CRM. It creates new fields and a button in Leads Modules. This extension provides a button to manually Force Clean the Address if a user wants an updated address to be cleaned. The Lead must have at least one of their Raw Address fields filled up. This extension uses the Google Geocoding API to automatically spell check the address and returns a clean address in a standard separated field.

Install AddressCleaner

You can either go to the Zoho Marketplace and install the extension or log in to your Zoho CRM account and install.

To install the extension

  1. Click Settings > Setup > Extensions & APIs > Marketplace > Go to Marketplace.
    All the installed extensions will be listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.
  2. Click AllExtensions, browse through for AddressCleaner and click it.
  3. Click InstallNow.
  4. In the following screen, agree to the terms of service and click Install.
  5. Configure Settings: Add office address and API KEY.

Obtain a Google Maps Geocoding API Key


1) Sign in

2) Get a Key

3) Create and Enable API

4) Copy API KEY

5) Fill out the API Key in Extension Settings

Pricing and Plans

Free up to 2,500 requests per day. $0.50 USD / 1,000 additional requests, up to 100,000 daily, if billing is enabled.

Visit for more information.

Cleaning the Address

The Address is automatically updated whenever a new Lead is created and at least one of the raw Addresses Filed is present and the Process Address Checkbox is checked. This can also be manually triggered by the button.

The Mass Update Function Can be Used to Clean the Addresses in Bulk

Mass Update -> Select Lead Records -> Select ‘Process Address’ Field -> Check the box -> Save

This updates the address of all selected contacts

Uninstall AddressCleaner

When you wish to uninstall AddressCleaner extension, please note that all the data will be deleted on uninstalling and cannot be recovered.

To uninstall AddressCleaner extension

  1. Click Setting > Setup > Extensions & APIs > Marketplace.
  2. All the installed extensions are listed. Under All Extensions you can view all the extensions supported in CRM.
  3. Browse for AddressCleaner and click the corresponding Uninstall link.
  4. Click Ok to confirm. All the data related to the extension will be deleted.